Tomato sauce

Tomato sauce


The sauces of the best Italian culinary tradition, ready-to-eat quick and delicious first courses.

A delicious taste to simply and genuinely dress your dishes.


All the simplicity and lightness of the tomato sauce enriched by the unmistakable aroma of chopped basil for anyone who loves the Mediterranean fragrances and enjoys genuine taste of tomato and basil sauce.

Spice pleasure of pepperoncino for a tasty arrabbiata.

Tomato and porcini mushrooms, a tasty sauce for rediscover the aromas of the mountain every day.

All the lightness of grilled vegetables for a light and tasty sauce, prepared folloowing the Mediterranean tradition.

Unique and decisive flavour of crunchy speck and fragrant Finferlo mushrooms in a flavoursome tomato sauce for Speck and Finferlo mushrooms sauce

The delight taste of Porcini mushrooms combined with Bresaola, a true italian specialty of Bresaola and Porcini mushrooms sauce.

All the simplicity of the tomato sauce enriched by the lightness of bresaola with the addition of the famous Italian  SASSELLA docg red wine

The simplicity of the tomato sauce enriched by lightness of Bresaola and Nettles for Bresaola and nettles sauce

Even on behalf of a third brand

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Tomato sauce


available in 290 g glass jar


vegetarian, tomato and basil, arrabbiata, speck and chanterelles, with porcini mushrooms, bresaola and porcini mushrooms, bresaola and Sassella DOCG, bresaola and nettles