organic line

organic line

Extra jams, nectars and fruit juices produced with the best certified organic fruit.

Even on behalf of a third brand

VALT FUNGO company offers its customers a personalized label production and printing service.

Juices and Nectars

100% blueberries Juice 200 ml
60% blueberry nectar 200 ml
60&% blueberry nectar no added sugar 200 ml
60% blueberry and ginger nectar 200 ml
Wild berries nectar 200 ml
Raspberry nectar 200 ml

Jams and fruit

Crushed blueberries 200 ml
Wild blueberry Jam 230 g
Wild blueberry and ginger jam 230 g
Berries jam 230 g
Raspberry jam 230 g
Strawberry jam 230 g