Founded in January 1990, VALT FUNGO company, property of the Ioli family, has given priority to quality, taking care from the beginning to look for the best porcini mushrooms on an international scale in particular in Europe and in the Balkans, where, as time goes on, it has managed to select serious and reliable commercial partners.

VALT FUNGO company has geared up with the best technologies for the packaging of dried, frozen, in oil and trifolato mushrooms.

To meet the new needs of customers, a new range of products has been created in recent years: tomato sauces, meat sauces, nectars and fruit juices and typical gastronomic specialities of the territory as well as a certifies organic line.

Even if the VALT FUNGO company has advanced equipment, all the processes come in a traditional way with care in the choice of high quality raw materials.

Strong points of VALT FUNGO company, are the constancy in quality standards and the opportunity to process on raw materials according to customer’s requirements.